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Construction Materials Industrial Composite Index Stretched in June

Construction Material Industry Composite Index decreased by 1.91 points in June to 96.72 points.

Building Material Producers Association of Turkey (Turkey IMSAD) by the Composite Index of Construction Materials Industry every month regularly published results were announced in June 2018.

Accordingly, the Composite Materials Index of Construction Materials decreased by 1.91 points in June to 96.72 points. Thus, Composite Index decreased by 4.60 points in the last three months.

There has also been a significant decline in the activities. Confidence and anticipation in the month of June, the limited decline has come to fruition. While the Composite Index remained below 100 points in June, the high decline in the Activity Index was decisive.

The activities in the construction materials industry declined considerably in June compared to the previous month. The traditional effect of the month of Ramadan, the decline in the number of days worked together with the feast, and most importantly the uncertainties created by early elections, negatively affected the activities of the construction and construction material industry. This has also had a negative impact on the movements in financial indicators.

In the month of June, the Activity Index, which has not experienced long sustained high monthly decline, has decreased by 4.0 points compared to the previous month. Domestic sales showed a sharp decline in June, while significant declines were experienced in all activities. After a long time in June, the exports fell compared to the previous month.

Production also declined with the number of days worked. The rebound was also affected by the declines in domestic and foreign sales in June. However, overseas sales prices continued to increase gradually.

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