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Construction sector is hopeful for 2016

Turkey Construction Material Producers Association (MSAD) Chairman Fethi HINGAR, for construction of 2016 year will not be lost in the sector and said that he would grow 2.5-3.0 percent level.

Turkey IMSAD, made this year's 4th Meeting Agenda 2015 assessment of the construction industry at the meeting and announced their 2016 forecasts.

Speaking at the meeting, Hinginar predicted that by 2015, the industry would press the train and close with a growth of 1 percent. By 2016, the year will not be a lost year, and the construction industry will grow at 2.5-3.0 percent.

Hinginar said that the meeting of the Agenda Meetings, which took place immediately after the June 7th elections, revealed that 2015 had been discussed as a lost year, and that figures emerging nearing the end of the year clearly showed that the plane had been hit in 2015.

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